Member of the Oregon State Bar since 2000

With more than fifteen years of criminal law experience, Rachel began her legal career at the Jackson County District Attorney's office in Medford, Oregon after a summer clerking at the Multnomah County District Attorney's office.    Beginning in 2001, Rachel prosecuted misdemeanors, traffic crimes, and animal abuse cases before moving up to drug and property crimes.

For more than two years, Rachel worked drug and property crimes in a federally designated H.I.D.T.A. (High Intensity Drug Trafficking) county.  The high volume drug caseload allowed Rachel to sharpen her skills with search and seizure law, search warrants, informants, motions to suppress, motions to controvert, asset forfeitures, white collar crimes, and racketeering cases.  

Rachel was the prosecutor who successfully seized the bank accounts and forfeited the proceeds of a $1million dollar winning Oregon Lottery scratch-it ticket purchased with a stolen credit card.  Rachel's trial court win was upheld by the Oregon Court of Appeals in State v. Goodenow, 251 Or App 139 (2012), which remains the only reported forfeiture case in Oregon. 

After the drug caseload, Rachel utilized her social services background to prosecute child abuse, child pornography, and sexual assault cases.  Rachel helped chair the Multi-Disciplinary team and tried numerous Measure 11 and Jessica's Law cases.  

Rachel was chosen to start a white collar crime caseload due to the surge in computer and financial crimes.  As technology developed, crime evolved and police and prosecutors faced new challenges.   New skill sets and methods were required.  In an environment with a rapidly changing legal landscape, Rachel handled complex cases including identity theft rings, organized shoplifting rings, money laundering, and racketeering. Rachel used her business law background to help successfully locate and freeze assets.  

Rachel moved to the Oregon Department of Justice's Criminal Justice division in 2009 and was appointed as a special prosecutor in several Oregon counties.  Rachel successfully handled multiple co-defendant racketeering cases which arose from wire tap surveillance of DTO (drug trafficking organization) members and their front businesses. 

Rachel won a unanimous jury verdict at the trial court level in a real estate Ponzi scheme that was financed on mortgage backed securities.  Rachel's trial court convictions for Racketeering, Securities Fraud, Sale of an Unlicensed/Registered Security, and Theft were upheld by the Oregon court of appeals in State v. Nistler 268 Or App 470 (2015).  

In 2014, Rachel began private practice in criminal defense work in Yamhill and surrounding counties. 

Social Services 

Prior to law school, Rachel was employed as a social worker for seven years.  Rachel worked in a residential treatment facility for emotionally disturbed children from 1991 to 1993 before moving on to childrens' protective services work.  Rachel was a child abuse investigator and social worker for what is now the Oregon Department of Human Services in Portland, Oregon.